Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stop Apple iPod..!!!!

I was never against Apple's iPod till today. Me and my friend Kunal were going to Magnet office which is at Kandivali, to meet Nirav. Met Kunal after many days and he'd told me he'd got a Apple iPod nano as gift. And I was excited to see it and eager to hear music n podcasts on it.

He handed me that masterpiece in auto-rickshaw while we were on our way to office. It was afternoon and as usual I was carrying the FOSS.IN cap. That cap is precious thing to me and helps me promote the event. Back at tour everyone took turns and put their head in that cap. That cap was most popular thing around during three-day tour and looking at it all of my classmates kept shouting terms like "foss", "open-source", "", "debian" and many others. So that cap is important to me.

Now, coming to point, to get comfortable I kept that cap on side and was listening to music n podcasts on Kunal's iPod. We arrived at destination, got off rickshaw and went to office. That time, I found cap missing and figured out I'd left it out in auto-rickshaw itself. Its weird because I never forget things and only because I was hearing music on that sick thing known as "iPod", I forgot that FOSS.IN cap.. The quality of iPod is so great that you forget the rush of mumbai traffic. So, I advice think buying a iPod..

But, I took it positively, now rickshaw driver will promote FOSS.IN..


Nirav Mehta said...

Hey, that's funny!

Next time you are coming around office, tell me a day in advance. I will get you a new cap!