Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got the web back!

Wanted to post this yesterday but was too tired..

We'd a blast yesterday at Firefox Download Day Party organized in our college. About 25 people in attendance including students and faculty members. My slides were prepared at last minute, but everyone liked them.
Lab was decorated with Firefox stuff.. You can see it in photos on my Flickr..

I started by giving a talk on Mozilla and Firefox. I aggressively did comparison between Firefox and other browsers. It was fun giving a talk. Later, everyone got hands on computer and we Firefox'ed every computer in sight.. Everyone contributed to download day record and yes college printer was utilized at fullest for printing the certificates..

Also, we're planning to make t-shirts of Firefox.. They'll be ready in 1-2 weeks..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking back the web with Firefox 3!

As I'd said in my previous post, I was planning for a Firefox download party @ viva college. It was made final by 12PM yesterday. Got permission from college officials to use college labs and other required facilities. So, yesterday, me and my friends spent entire day preparing for the party; making some posters, banners, stickers and CD's. I'd been requested by attending party'ers to give a talk on Mozilla 'n' Firefox. So here I am writing this post from college labs.. Its around 11AM and we'll be starting at around 12.30 and my slides or my sub-topics to talk on are not ready yet! Making the slides now.. Actually I came to my blog to read one of my previous post. Expecting a strength of 20-25. Let's see can't wait to start the party!

Will post all the fall-out and also my slides from our Firefox 3 release/download party later!

You may join discussion group at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Make a World Record!

Wanna make a world record? Its very simple. Download Firefox 3 on 17th June.
The Mozilla community is all set to make a world record for maximum number of downloads for a software in 24 hours. Oh yes! you get a certificate for it too.

Visit its site and pledge!

By that time I'm planning to arrange a download fest in our college. But, need to work again with college people.. I'll keep posting on this stuff.

Download Day