Sunday, February 10, 2008

A dream came true..

As everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a free software maniac. Free software projects always face problems of buying bandwidth for their projects. So, the P2P world has a solution. Using torrents instead of a direct downloads. No server involved(tracker is involved though), solution to bandwidth problems.

Every time I need a FOSS project and if it has torrent download made available; I use that only. That's how you save a lot of money of project maintainers. Seeding torrents after your download is complete is easiest way to contribute to a FOSS project. I do contribute to Debian GNU/Linux[] by this way. I'm doing this since I got my internet connection and first look at Debian.

I'm downloading Debian testing DVD's. But, today a surprising thing happened.. The upload speed has been shot up to 200KBps which earlier was 30KBps. That makes my share ratio above 2.0.. Amazing thing and now onwards I'll be contributing to a more greated extent. Thanks goes to my ISP for removing upload-speed restrictions, VCPL who respects FOSS community and supports us to great extent..

I urge everyone to please use torrents or any P2P sharing to download FOSS and do keep sharing it. Seeding is your first step to contribution..

This is 25th post and a good news to post.. Great times ahead....!!