Monday, December 31, 2007

Sleeping at New Year's eve....!!

Today, the last day of 2007 started off with a bad throat and my tonsils aching badly. My voice too not clear and had much problem to talk, which I do love to. Same day in evening me and Ankur had to meet ComSoft Andheri MD Mr. Mahendra Jain regarding our event and sponsorship. Unfortunately, I was not well so I asked Kunal and Mandar to be with me and TALK along, as my throat takes some rest. But, no use I did heavy talking. Kunal stunned and gave worst example of from where I learned the english I speak. He referred to the teacher that we had in past years who used to speak most unpredictable english.

Anyways, it was nice meeting ComSoft and telling them about our event, FOSSism. Luckily, we managed to get our correct train to Vasai. By time to home had some fever. Doc adviced rest. So now after taking strong dose of medicines feeling sleepy. Though enjoyed the PIZZAS made by Papa today. Special one for me with chicken.

Tomorrow, 1st Jan, 2008. My first visit to Magnet Technologies, Kandivali; the place where I dream to be in mere future. Discuss with Nirav about progress of our event. So, in whatever condition I'm in, I'll be visiting Magnet..

Hope, my throat improves till morning..

Next post in 2008....

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone..!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Grouped together a team and now set off to make it happen.. A FOSS event/conference in Mumbai.

We're starting off with a small event, max 200 people including speakers event at Viva College, Virar. Its on 13th January, 2008.

Its named "FOSSism" and "ism" means 'way of living' same as in Buddhism its Buddhist way of living. Same way we'll be FOSSists; the FOSS way of living....

More info about event website and how you can register soon I'll post here on my blog. Subscribe to RSS feed, if you want because we're limited with capacity..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry christmas with Taare Zameen Par..

First of all Merry Christmas and happy new year to all..

Also watched Taare Zameen Par along with friends on Kunal's birthday. Its a piece of art and Darsheel will take out all the awards also I think he should be nominated in "Best Actor" rather than in "Child performance".

I hope Aamir Khan after some period opens up the movie under Creative Commons or any other open, free licenses. It would be first movie to be opened up.. The entire TZP team would be famous amoung FOSS community. Amazing na.. If Aamir is reading this, do think about it.

Whatever it be, thanks for giving such a good movie.. I think all parents much really watch it. And please make it tax-free!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Theirs a IT festival in our college[Viva College] on 28th, 29th and 30th this month. Be there. Organized by students of IT and CS dept.

All other college students come ahead and participate, "Its SHOWTIME" and event named as ADAGIO FEST.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back from FOSS.IN/2007

Just back home yesterday evening. Had lot of baggage, thankfully NO RUSH on trains during evening peak hours. People had boycotted railway between Mira Road and Virar demanding more trains. Hope that railways soon take decision to increase trains.

At FOSS.IN everything was awesome. Met countless FOSS developers in projects. After hearing from bubulle(Christian Perrier) who gave a talk on internationalization(i18n) a key to universal OS. That took me to मराठी debian. I'll be working on it and expecting Debian 5.0 to be localized to Marathi. I'll give my best.

The best thing that will be in my mind for whole life, a lightning talk by Nirav Mehta on Public Speaking for geeks. Helped me a lot. Another huge impact was words by Atul Chitnis who leads TEAM FOSS.IN. He's ways to drive people his way.

I was at Debian/Ubuntu stall and yessss; the pentium-sized Debian stamp I made was a huge hit at stall. Everyone was getting stamped on taking a Ubuntu Gutsy CD.

Stickers were everywhere. Got a big GNU sticker which I used to hide the "Lenovo" brand name from my laptop. So its GNU laptop now running GNU/Linux. Got my first Debian linux t-shirt too.

I'll try to attend GNUnify and FREED.IN which were announced at closing ceremony of FOSS.IN.

Somethings creeping up in mind now, will blog later on it as more clear details are decided.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Unforgettable birthday....

Its my birthday today. Had great time, with friends.
Got wishes on phone from a couple of friends at 12 midnight.
I gave party to everyone, ate PavBhaji at most best that is available in Virar.
My MCA dudes busy preparing for exams, so all the best to them.
Shalomi and her gang of girls gave a cute little gift, thanks for that.
Also, got great gift....

Today, I also announce a WebAlbum of mine on Picasa WebAlbum. I've uploaded some of b'day pics.
Keep checking out the album as I'll upload the most weird and not seen anywhere photos from FOSS.IN which I'll be attending this year.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Non-Locals at FOSS.IN.

Stats for FOSS.IN/07 can now be seen.

Click Here

Its surprising that this year more non-locals and students.
Me too being their as student and more of my two friends will be at FOSS.IN

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The DEMON-OID is resting or dead??

From a past few days my favorite torrent tracker has been offline bue to CRIA threatened the company renting servers to Demoniod, as seen on
The CRIA might shut it down for torrent with copyright material, but demonoid doesnt host files. And also its a tracker to many open-source software. Its a very power-house tracker. I've not got any error on it till date.

Currently, I being a student not directly involved in big open-source projects like Debian, Ubuntu which I want to be in sooner or later[I'll be, I'm sure]. But anyways, I seed Debian and Ubuntu torrents until I get high ratios, during Ubuntu 7.04 attained 3.76. Now both have their own trackers but they sometime give-up due to high load. also tracked them. When primary tracker was out Demonoid would do the job. Thus, Demonoid being SHUT-DOWN, I've low upload speeds and sometimes tracker error, so no upload speed. My ratio is only 1.2.

Anyways, I'll continue to support community at least this way.

I was thinking is Demonoid dead gone forever leaving a space in FOSS community or it just a dragon charging back its fires within.. TIME WILL TELL....!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Diwali....!!

Its the festival of lights celebrated by people from every corner in India and many across the world every fall. It marks a victory of good over evil.

More details on Diwali is beautifully written on Wikipedia.

Have a prosperous and a safe Diwali.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google goes for mobile..

Read this on BBC Website.

Google entering wireless world.

Notable topics are Google will not focus on hardware, it will be a software, based on Linux, and yes best of all it'll be OPEN SOURCE.

I'm waiting for it..

Cane furniture renewed..

Now as its Diwali time. Every household in the country gearing up for huge festival ahead.

Same thing at my home too. Today had encountered some old lamp shades and some good shaped baskets which were made out of cane. We'd bought it from Belgaum. They're quite looking old and Mom was telling me to throw it off in garbage.
But, I love cane furniture and wanted it. As cane is a type of wood and our regular furniture is too made out of wood. It takes up polish on it. Same way I did; got a decent natural wood colored polish and used paint brush and polished it on all lamp shades.

They're looking awesome and shining now..
You guys having cane furniture can try this stuff and see new like, bright, shining cane furniture come back to life.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My intro post..

Welcome world,

I'd decided to start blogging a month back but due to loaded schedule in college I'd not been paying attention to this thought.
On deciding to blog; I'd many options. Wordpress, Google i.e. Blogger and hosting on my own space which would require some GREENS. Finally made it here, BLOGGER. I love Google the way it provides services in world's best and efficient way. Its my dream to be at Google on day to be a part of what it is.

Keep visiting back....