Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 2: Tour

Morning was great but did not get a chance to capture sunrise. Breakfast was somewhat eatable. In morning we did roam around hotel area. By the way hotel was "SweetHeart Hotel". Found out some shops where we can get something to eat in case hotel would repeat its bad quality food streak.

In afternoon, by around 4PM we went to Valvan Dam. Its a place of national importance and hence photography was not allowed. :-( But, some of them managed to capture some snaps at dam.

Then, we made it to market. Bought some *chikki*. Record was hold by Abhish for buying most quantity of *chikki*, about 4KG. ;-)

Then, we went back to hotel just only to see that *worst* quality food. To enjoy and have some non-veg food, we went to Smokin' Joes Pizza which we'd noticed while roaming in market. It served me best pizzas I'd ever ate.

Night was quite troublesome for Mama, he had fever.

And, yes I'd the Aamir Khan's hair style from Taare Zameen Par. Next morning we were suppose to visit Karla Caves.