Thursday, January 24, 2008

Willing to buy..?

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else (i wont mention it here..)

One of the things money can't buy is FOSS..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why not use Hotmail?

I just stopped using Hotmail. Why? Its because of useless and countless ads and popups.


I used it only for some MSN contacts who are my relatives..

Its EVIL!! I'll use only things(email) that are made by people who believe in "Don't be evil!!"

Sorry, for that terrible theme I use on my Debian/Ubuntu. Its because laptop battery runs an hour extra as black color saves power..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

People not reaching to the Sun..

Mandar W got selected at IBM, I know he will end up at Sun anyway. So, huge party, isnt it? We'd a blast today afternoon. Also, me and Kunal treated both our friends Mandar with greatest party recipe(Mohini Nan) in a restaurant.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My internet, my Life..

Dont know who enjoys great and unlimited internet at cheapest rates at home. But, I do. Many might wonder does a suburb like Vasai has a good ISP? Believe me there is.

I've been a proud and happy customer of VCPL InstaNet since two years. Now many people would ask why I'm blogging about it after that very long time.

I dont like to promote brand names or companies just for a single good reason or just because I like it. But, all these days people from friends, relatives right from Mumbai to some from abroad really find my internet connection blazingly fast. And today afternoon, Kunal too said that putting his favorite brand(wont mention which) behind. That moment I just thought its time and since many people thought so, to post about it.

Also, they're the only ones responsible for bringing me in the amazing FOSS world. All my FOSS media has been pulled down from my home internet connection. My bandwidth peaks to 180GB sometimes in 6 months. Many FOSS lovers can understand what does downloading *Debian* 3 DVD's takes?

Anyways, if you're in Vasai or plan to come to some day and you need good internet connection, their only one best ISP.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Unveiling tomorrow....

Finally after huge amounts of methods to accomplish the payment for domain name and efforts to get our event website running will be bearing fruits tomorrow afternoon. The problem our team had was that no one has a credit card. But with help from great people website will be up-n-running by tomorrow afternoon.

Do check this blog tomorrow as I announce the event website..

first call for participation

Today got a call from FYCS student from our college named Suvish inquiring about our event. He's first one to call and register with us. That was awesome feeling. Now feels like all my hard work and burning of midnight oil is not a waste.

Meeting him a tomorrow in college.. Let the freedom spread..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ubuntu on to the scene!

Thanks to some TY students, who'd project on Linux. I got a chance to put up Ubuntu on our college PC. Hope to see it on every PC soon. By the event is over hoping to see many students demanding Ubuntu to be installed on all college computers.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One-true entrepreneur geek..

I'd asked Mandar to be with me on our visit to Magnet, but when I called him before leaving home; he was sleeping. I should have called him earlier. That was fine, I'd to go alone. Shhh! Not told anyone at home that thing, otherwise mother wouldn't let me go. So someone from my family reading this, SORRY I lied. I'm fine returned home safely.

First visit to Magnet, reminded me of Google documentaries I keep watching; especially after I'd look after their tech playground... ehhh office; needs to be called because people work their with lot of fun.

Shared with Nirav everything about event till date. We discussed about how more to increase the quality people coming can get than quantity. I summarize our discussion in following manner:- more talks starting off with basic to complex, more flyers about free software, goodies, keep budget of event low for first time. Thats helped us a lot, so concentrating now on local sponsors I'd talk with.

Also, meeting and interacting with this person(Nirav), kinda raises hell in mind to do something new and doing it perfect. Feeling better than ever before, voice still fluttering. Just missed 6.22 Andheri train. Took Churchgate return journey back home. Throught the journey in RUSH of Mumbai Minute(not NY) chalked out my-side plan taking into consideration GR8 suggestions from Nirav.

So tomorrow, sharing everything with the team of FOSSists and finalizing the event schedule. College too re-opens after vacations and Adagio fest.

That sums up to a big bang new year starting for me. Meet with the only-one-true entrepreneur geek..

Kick start to new year!

Just woke-up now. Saw a deadly 22 new messages from friends and relatives. I'd get new year party in my dreams though irrespective of my health I was in. Now feeling much better and at least can utter voice out of my mouth. I can visit Magnet in evening..

Welcome 2008!!