Thursday, May 15, 2008

75 years in making

Yesterday our family celebrated 75th birthday of my grandpa. He lives life to fullest and give me power to face happiness and sorrows in every walks of life!

I wanted to tell you all that party was at Park Club which is besides Mayor Bungalow in dadar. It has a awesome seaside view and fantastic lawn. So, if you've a party to make this is best possible place. Natural and fresh air along with soothing sound of waves in sea.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What a ride!

Yesterday I and my friend Mama aka Ankur went to fashion street in afternoon after college. Sun was shining as bright and hot as it could upon us. We then went to my grandpa's house by 6PM. Now a person who travels in mumbai local knows what kinda rush trains have at this time.. So mama came up with a huge idea!

His dad was coming to dadar for some work on bike.. Here goes kida in our minds!! That day we both of us came home at vasai on bike. And it was not in daylight. Ankur drives bike fabulously!!!! Safe 'n' fast! Thanks ankur.. And yes we were black by the time we reached home due to pollution. Reached home by 10PM.

Was greatest adventure and I know I can't do that..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Unique Firefox t-shirt!

I'd taken part in Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest and submitted a design. I didn't win it! A question came to mind what to do with that design.

Some friends of mine suggested that I must get the design printed on t-shirts. So I found that idea great and decided to go for it. Most of them suggested that it would've been great if it wpuld be the Firefox logo in the center.

So I modified the design to some extent and uploaded modified version on my flickr page. It shows multi-colored Firefox logo and a tag-cloud containing Firefox features. At bottom is URL to so that people can get themselves Firefox.

Just take a look at design and let me know would you like to own one. I can't say exact price of one t-shirt right now, because we're not done with the person who's going to do the printing work. But, I assure one t-shirt won't be more than Rs. 150/- Sizes are available in two sizes L and XL. If any other sizes are required like M and XXL you've to buy 10 of them.

I can print these for most of them whom I know, because I won't be able to send it.

Please do post comments about design and whether you want them or not..