Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 3: Tour

We'll went to Karla Caves. Its quite on high mountain. Has two ways to climb, by stairs and by steep road.; We choose none. We did some rock climbing till a point and then used stairs because to climb further, we needed ropes which we did not have. Reaching top gave my camera some work, to get amazing snaps. The caves were amazing and I say everyone must visit it. I got some photos from inside. Will upload them on my photo album.

We went back to hotel, got our bags and left Lonavala with great moments to cherish..

Even though their were some maniacs in bus who ripped mazaa apart, but we managed to come back and enjoyed it.

To summarize three days, I enjoyed them truly along with my friends, Abhish, Veena, Gaikwad sir and everyone else.. But, however tour manager really s*cks.