Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An OpenTest..??

The OpenTest sounds quite weird, isn't it?

It would be mostly a *NEW* concept of taking a test of students by a teacher. This concept might have been used and named same way by someone else, but for me and everyone in my class, its being created by our Cpp professor. This test has been crafted by keeping Google's statement "Don't be evil..!!" in mind.. Because, it just doesn't sound evil..

Rules are simple:-

  • You sit with your pals next to you, unlike in jumbled-up(as regular exams have) way.
  • You are allowed to use reference books or notes you might have. Of course, no need to carry chits.
  • You can chat or discuss with your fellow friends.
  • One of second or third option is chosen..
  • Of course, time is limited.. :-(

We'd experienced the OpenTest on this Wednesday. It was fun giving a test like never before..!! We're allowed with second option, but not third. It was a Cpp program(definitely not a hello world one..) purely based on application of theory concepts. It was cool one.. Obviously, did some mistakes and got to learn a lot..

My thought::

Old methods of exams have been for centuries to today date.. Now, we must follow what father of evolution "Charles Darwin" had said, "Change or Die".. Also, we've to keep in mind the free-software movement.

So, traditional way must change, go open-minded.. Go OpenTest....!!

I need comments on this....