Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally done..

Finally, I've completed the gigantic "JAVA" assignment # 1. It had 30 questions. You can say I just completed a "Complete Ref to Swing" kind of thing....

Thanks to following:-
1] my friends who believe in "co-operate to dominate".
2] bad mosquitoes who bit me throughout night and kept me awake.(coffee was not available :-( )
3] my *great* handwriting. :-)

Will write some quality stuff on blog soon.. I know this post s*cks, its CRAP.!


Kunal said...

Congratz aamod..
I knew you could do it ;)

mandar said...

together we die..!
together we live..!

u owe me a few currencies for helping you.

the next set is out in the market...what plans do you have for that.?

Aamod said...

Lets go for another night sprint for finishing it!

Lots of snacks, coffee, music, movies and assignment all way!