Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Firefox T-Shirts ready..

Just came back home with custom-made Firefox t-shirts everyone had ordered. There are 36 t-shirts. We printed them at Dadar. The printing has been done brilliantly.. Firefox logo has came up as it is..

Feel sorry for those whom we'd asked but they didn't order!


bumblebee... said...
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bumblebee... said...

Hi Aamod,
Good to know that you got Firefox T-shirts printed.

Do you need to have a permission from Mozilla for the same? As I remember, I came across the same question on FF Forum and came to know that its OK and legal if the cause[printing T-shirts] is Spreading the news and making others aware.

More info here:

We are planning the FF T-shirts for our team and friends too!

Can you tell me the price and details of the Printer @ Dadar.

Price per T-shirt/ Avg. 25?
Printers Address?
FF Logo - High resolution.

Hope to hear ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Give me details too. I want Debian Tshirt for this time :)

Aamod said...

T-Shirts were done from Manish Market, Dadar(W).
Its towards end of flyover outside Dadar station by Churchgate side.
Price totally depends on quality of tshirt chosen and method of printing used..