Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday King of Swirls!

I wish Debian project a very Happy Birthday. Its now 15 years since its first release on 16th August, 1993 and hence we can say today is Debian's 15th Birthday..

On this occasion, I planned to do some artwork in form of poster to put up besides my home desk. But today, its Raksha Bandhan and all relatives coming to our place. So, no time to do it. Instead I'll tell everyone about Debian and of course a cake for debian.

If I make any such artwork, will post it..


mandar said...

Happy birthday Debian...!

i did celebrate it a day before the birthday loading it on my PC...!

though a few hiccups ...but you guided and we have a great help in form of Google...!!

thoroughly enjoying my time on Debian....

thanks for the post ..

i think its time to brush aside windoze..:-)

Aamod said...