Monday, December 31, 2007

Sleeping at New Year's eve....!!

Today, the last day of 2007 started off with a bad throat and my tonsils aching badly. My voice too not clear and had much problem to talk, which I do love to. Same day in evening me and Ankur had to meet ComSoft Andheri MD Mr. Mahendra Jain regarding our event and sponsorship. Unfortunately, I was not well so I asked Kunal and Mandar to be with me and TALK along, as my throat takes some rest. But, no use I did heavy talking. Kunal stunned and gave worst example of from where I learned the english I speak. He referred to the teacher that we had in past years who used to speak most unpredictable english.

Anyways, it was nice meeting ComSoft and telling them about our event, FOSSism. Luckily, we managed to get our correct train to Vasai. By time to home had some fever. Doc adviced rest. So now after taking strong dose of medicines feeling sleepy. Though enjoyed the PIZZAS made by Papa today. Special one for me with chicken.

Tomorrow, 1st Jan, 2008. My first visit to Magnet Technologies, Kandivali; the place where I dream to be in mere future. Discuss with Nirav about progress of our event. So, in whatever condition I'm in, I'll be visiting Magnet..

Hope, my throat improves till morning..

Next post in 2008....

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone..!!!!