Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The DEMON-OID is resting or dead??

From a past few days my favorite torrent tracker Demonoid.com has been offline bue to CRIA threatened the company renting servers to Demoniod, as seen on Demonoid.com.
The CRIA might shut it down for torrent with copyright material, but demonoid doesnt host files. And also its a tracker to many open-source software. Its a very power-house tracker. I've not got any error on it till date.

Currently, I being a student not directly involved in big open-source projects like Debian, Ubuntu which I want to be in sooner or later[I'll be, I'm sure]. But anyways, I seed Debian and Ubuntu torrents until I get high ratios, during Ubuntu 7.04 attained 3.76. Now both have their own trackers but they sometime give-up due to high load. Demonoid.com also tracked them. When primary tracker was out Demonoid would do the job. Thus, Demonoid being SHUT-DOWN, I've low upload speeds and sometimes tracker error, so no upload speed. My ratio is only 1.2.

Anyways, I'll continue to support community at least this way.

I was thinking is Demonoid dead gone forever leaving a space in FOSS community or it just a dragon charging back its fires within.. TIME WILL TELL....!!


Aamod said...

So www.demonoid.com is online again.

Its back folks. And find me seeding Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" via its trackers..

Ubuntu 8.04 to be released on 24th this month.