Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back from FOSS.IN/2007

Just back home yesterday evening. Had lot of baggage, thankfully NO RUSH on trains during evening peak hours. People had boycotted railway between Mira Road and Virar demanding more trains. Hope that railways soon take decision to increase trains.

At FOSS.IN everything was awesome. Met countless FOSS developers in projects. After hearing from bubulle(Christian Perrier) who gave a talk on internationalization(i18n) a key to universal OS. That took me to मराठी debian. I'll be working on it and expecting Debian 5.0 to be localized to Marathi. I'll give my best.

The best thing that will be in my mind for whole life, a lightning talk by Nirav Mehta on Public Speaking for geeks. Helped me a lot. Another huge impact was words by Atul Chitnis who leads TEAM FOSS.IN. He's ways to drive people his way.

I was at Debian/Ubuntu stall and yessss; the pentium-sized Debian stamp I made was a huge hit at stall. Everyone was getting stamped on taking a Ubuntu Gutsy CD.

Stickers were everywhere. Got a big GNU sticker which I used to hide the "Lenovo" brand name from my laptop. So its GNU laptop now running GNU/Linux. Got my first Debian linux t-shirt too.

I'll try to attend GNUnify and FREED.IN which were announced at closing ceremony of FOSS.IN.

Somethings creeping up in mind now, will blog later on it as more clear details are decided.