Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My internet, my Life..

Dont know who enjoys great and unlimited internet at cheapest rates at home. But, I do. Many might wonder does a suburb like Vasai has a good ISP? Believe me there is.

I've been a proud and happy customer of VCPL InstaNet since two years. Now many people would ask why I'm blogging about it after that very long time.

I dont like to promote brand names or companies just for a single good reason or just because I like it. But, all these days people from friends, relatives right from Mumbai to some from abroad really find my internet connection blazingly fast. And today afternoon, Kunal too said that putting his favorite brand(wont mention which) behind. That moment I just thought its time and since many people thought so, to post about it.

Also, they're the only ones responsible for bringing me in the amazing FOSS world. All my FOSS media has been pulled down from my home internet connection. My bandwidth peaks to 180GB sometimes in 6 months. Many FOSS lovers can understand what does downloading *Debian* 3 DVD's takes?

Anyways, if you're in Vasai or plan to come to some day and you need good internet connection, their only one best ISP.