Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shiretoko Shock in India - Firefox 3.5 is coming!

Hello folks!

With the release of Firefox 3.5 tomorrow, the wonderful Mozilla community has come up "Shiretoko Shock"; A campaign to set-off fireworks worldwide to celebrate.
We'd light up the night country by country, town by town, to show the world just how amazing Firefox is. But, there is a little difference..They are going to make a big bang by spreading Firefox with Social Media like twitter, Orkut, Facebook, etc. And, we need your help!

Read http://www.spreadfirefox.com/shiretokoshock-campaign for how you can help.. But, I'm writing this blog post for posting timings of shocks in India..

Shiretoko shock begins at 30th June Tuesday in Brazil at 3:50PM BST. This shock is first of many shocks to follow worldwide. So, as shocks trigger moving in west direction; regional Shiretoko shock in India will be on 1st July at 3:50 PM IST.

As shocks shatter earth one timezone after another with news about release of Firefox 3.5, it would reach Brazil after 24 hours after its start..

This is the time for a "Super-Shock", the biggie one.. Because, all of us will join in to celebrate at precisely the same time. No matter what time it is in India, at 3:50 PM (BST) on Wednesday, July 1st, we'll all go post crazy: tweeting, blogging, facebooking, and more!

So, super-shock in India is going to be on 2nd July Thursday at 12:20 AM..

See you on highway to OpenWeb..

1] Check this out http://barcamp.org/MozCampMumbai <- Release celebration of Firefox 3.5 in Mumbai 2] Fixed time world clock


KeedaGuru said...

Hey we can even have the photos taken on the Sunday MozCamp for the upcoming 1 billionth download celebrations. Reynold said to take it at a landmark, Gateway ?
C ya

MaCkeR said...

Good idea! As we have our event at Bandra, Gateway would be a too far off. May be we can do it somewhere else, nearer to Bandra..

KeedaGuru said...

Bandra Worli SeaLink ?

MaCkeR said...

May be if it doesnt rain.. :-)