Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ehh.. IE Only?? No Way!

This morning just took a look at website of MBA entrance process for dates and applying online.. The initial page is fine but on clicking on applying online it says it supports IE only.. I'm not going to use IE!

I was wondering how do I temporarily change User Agent in Firefox to that of IE. Yes its pretty easy to do so in "about:config" window in Firefox. Just filter entries with term "useragent" and edit entries accordingly.

Now, this would be boring for some and also for me. Then search AMO for any such extension and voila got one! :-)

"User Agent Switcher" is a extension which just changes user agent of Firefox without even a restarting Firefox. You can change User agent from Tools > User Agent Switcher > .

In my case, I chose Internet Explorer 7 and so I can now access website as it thinks that I'm using IE. :-D


Shouvik said...

Thanks bro, this post saved me, I had no idea how could I register for MH MBA. I am using linux and due to obvious reasons I can't use IE. Cheap ploy btw on the part of our educational society to support a corporate big wig like MS to increase user. But all hail open source... :)