Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post FOSS.IN/2008..

I should have been blogging this weeks back as soon as FOSS.IN/2008 was over, but it didnt happen. :-( Had to keep up with college work..

This year I was a volunteering! It was truly a great experience and for me a chance to work with a awesome team.

Anyways, I've uploaded the pics(flicks) on Flickr.

Did I say a video earlier? Yeah, it is captured during concluding part of KDE Project of The Day. Adriaan de Groot singing the KDE song titled "We're KDE!" and dancing along are KDE developers from India Shashank, Sharan, Pradeepto, Piyush, many more enjoying in the hall.. I forgot the name of person with guitar.. :-(
Please comment if someone knows it!

You can see the video on Vimeo. I uploaded it on Vimeo because you can download original video file as registered user. ;-)