Thursday, May 8, 2008

Unique Firefox t-shirt!

I'd taken part in Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest and submitted a design. I didn't win it! A question came to mind what to do with that design.

Some friends of mine suggested that I must get the design printed on t-shirts. So I found that idea great and decided to go for it. Most of them suggested that it would've been great if it wpuld be the Firefox logo in the center.

So I modified the design to some extent and uploaded modified version on my flickr page. It shows multi-colored Firefox logo and a tag-cloud containing Firefox features. At bottom is URL to so that people can get themselves Firefox.

Just take a look at design and let me know would you like to own one. I can't say exact price of one t-shirt right now, because we're not done with the person who's going to do the printing work. But, I assure one t-shirt won't be more than Rs. 150/- Sizes are available in two sizes L and XL. If any other sizes are required like M and XXL you've to buy 10 of them.

I can print these for most of them whom I know, because I won't be able to send it.

Please do post comments about design and whether you want them or not..